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158                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

D'Alvarade pretends to me that he has taken
great pains to dissuade Reubel from ordering me
out of France. I was last night at the American
consul's, Mr. Mountflorence. His name is Cole;
but because a Cole in Ireland is Viscount Mount-
florence, this man calls himself so. I met Mr. and
Mrs. Pinkney there.

January gth, 1797.

You do not write often enough. Consider how
precious a letter is to me, a poor solitary hermit
de la Rue Honor£. I understand La Croix wished
to send me away, and said my powers were in-
sufficient ; but the commissioners stepped forward
and the matter was cleared up. My commission
is to be sent back, with an apology and a request
to look upon the thing as non avenue.

My conduct in this instance, as in everything
else since I came here, is so correct that the more
it is pried into the better I shall be satisfied. I
experience every civility irom the Marine, and am
glad to be on a fair and good footing with the
persons I have to meet upon business.

I had not been at a public place since Lord